Retro Desk Phone (black)

Retro Desk Phone (black)


When we say retro, we mean it.  These cool desk phones are still being made to look like the original models that were designed in 1937.  These are heavy and solid, just like the originals were!!!  Don't be fooled by cheap knock offs or toy phones offered elsewhere.  A very unique item for your home or office and of course, a great gift idea!!!

That's why we put these phones in the gift see, you buy, then you give away.  Everybody's happy.  Shown here is the original black version.  We also offer these phones in red and can you go wrong?   

By the way, these phones have been updated to include modern features...such as touch tone mode and redial, receiver volume and flash function (for special phone company services like call waiting).  The ringer switch allows you to turn off the ringer if you like and that's a good thing, especially during nap time.

  • Cool retro styling
  • Updated features
  • Makes a great gift
  • Always free shipping!!!
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