Kiss V

Kiss V

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American artist Roy Lichtenstein...received world wide acclaim for his stylized depictions of everyday items!!! 

Lichtenstein painted Americana in a semi-abstract style that evolved over his career.  By the 1960s...his subject matter was primarily pulp fiction and classic comic book imagery.  The technique Lichtenstein developed for these paintings mimicked the look of photoengraver's dots.
Offered here, is an oversized print of his now classic work "Kiss V"...originally done in 1964.  For our gallery piece, we did some searching and came up with a massive satin black molding.  The frame here is 2.5" deep and gives the finished item its decidedly boxy look.  

The print itself is from one of the most respected publishers in the's clean and crisp, just like it should be!!!

Click on the full-size image to get a closer look!!!  

Dimensions:  38"W X 39.75"H
More Info:
We're very pleased to offer quality framed art here in our online store!!!  We started out by touring our gallery and selecting some favorites and best sellers.  So take a look at these great listings...and be prepared to buy!!!  You never know what you need until you see it...then you'll need it.   

All our gallery quality art is discount priced and made to order.  Beware of sellers who deal in high volume and low quality...this usually means thin gage plexiglass without UV protection for your art!!!  We deal only in professional grade acrylic glazing...better yet, we give you 3 choices:

Premium Clear Acrylic...This is a durable, high quality glazing that resists 66% of ultra violet light.  If you're on a budget, you can save some money by going with Premium Clear.  To better protect your artwork from UV damage we recommend using Conservation Clear Acrylic.

Conservation Clear Acrylic...For artwork on display in our gallery we use Conservation Clear glazing and we also recommend it to all our in-store customers.  Conservation Clear Acrylic blocks 98% of ultra violet light.  UV light is found in all natural and artificial light sources and sadly, it will fade your artwork.  Prolonged exposure to UV light can result in major color shifts!!!  Many times the art also becomes very brittle...this type of damage is irreversible.   Conservation Clear Acrylic will extend the life of your art and protect it from the damaging effects of UV exposure.

Conservation Reflection Control Acrylic...Much like standard Conservation Clear Acrylic, this glazing blocks 98% of all UV light.  In spots from interior light sources or sunlight are diffused to soften unwanted glare.  If you plan to hang your artwork where glare is a problem, choose Conservation Reflection Control Acrylic.
Since most of our online customers are not able to visit our gallery, we felt that it was especially important to explain these glazing options clearly!!!  If you're interested in other glazing options or would like to explore other frame choices just drop us an e-mail.  We'll be happy to work with you!!!
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