About Us

This section of our site tells you who you're dealing with!!!  We'll try to keep it brief.  Firstly, we're brothers and we always will be.  That means we can speak freely and disagree often.  A little shouting, some name calling...then you know you're alive.

We've discovered that the key to success is to avoid pointless arguments...so we can really focus on important things to argue about.  Actually we get along pretty well, which is hard to believe considering one of us is a completely unreasonable Jackass.

We wanted to develop our own retail store since that's something we each know well.  Between the two of us, we knew we could cover the bases.  Our work histories include managing chain stores and positions in retail buying...and each of us has worked in advertising and promotions as well.  We've always been with different companies, in different markets including Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.  After keeping tabs on each other for years, we decided to try living in the same town. 

When we started this venture, we had a really huge to-do list!!!  We were working on several other renovations of historic properties when we decided to purchase a vacant commercial building built in 1879 for our store location.  We planned the store space and overall concept and just made it happen. 

It was a ton of work, but we completed the project and set up shop.  We received a Top Retailer Award from Decor Magazine for our store design!!!  Click this link to read the Decor article on our retail store.  Getting national recognition for the store was really great and helped motivate us for our next project.

From the beginning we knew that we wanted to establish a quality brick and mortar location and then develop an online version.  As you can see...we've put together this website.  Our goal was very simple...to offer all of our favorites and best sellers online.  Having this website also allows us to offer greater product depth as well.  Our gallery space is only so big, but cyberspace is roomy enough to show you a lot more cool stuff.

To really enjoy our site just click on the music link and spend some time browsing.  If you decide to make a purchase that's fantastic!!!  We do appreciate your time and we certainly appreciate your business.

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